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British Academy-ASEASUK-ECAF Visiting Fellowships 2013-14

ASEASUK and The British Academy are pleased to announce funding for fellowships to enable scholars to make research visits to field-centres operated by the European Consortium for Asian Field Study (ECAF).  The purpose of the fellowships will be to advance the scholar’s personal research in Southeast Asia, build his/her wider networks and enable scholars to contribute to the academic life of the centres. 


  • Awards are for a research visit of normally 1 - 4 months to be spent attached to one or more of the ECAF field-centres in Asia.
  • Fellowships will enable researchers to pursue their own personal research in Southeast Asia, build wider networks, and contribute to the academic life of the centre.
  • The scheme is open to any scholar holding a PhD and currently attached to a UK higher education institution, who has not previously had substantial contact with the field centres.
  • Applicants are expected to consult the ECAF field centre web pages before applying, which include details of centres’ main areas of research and resources, in order to check that their proposed visit is compatible with the work of the Centre selected. Further information on the work of the ECAF field centres is available to download from "this website". Note that in 2013-14 the Yangon centre is not participating in this scheme.
  • Each fellowship is to a maximum of £5,000 to cover personal travel, accommodation and research expenses; 10% of the value of the award will be paid to the ECAF centre (via the ECAF Secretariat in Paris) as a contribution to operating costs and to meet the costs of services provided. (The 10% will not cover the cost of any residential accommodation where this may be offered by the centre).
  • Award holders must submit a brief report to the British Academy and ASEASUK on completion of their visit to enable the value of the award to be evaluated.


Applications must be received by 20 DECEMBER 2013 and successful applicants will be notified by early February 2014. Research visits may take place up to and during the summer of 2014. 


Download the application forms and further particulars at the bottom of this page. Applications should be submitted to Dr Deirdre McKay, ASEASUK Research Secretary, by email as detailed on the form.

ASEASUK-ECAF fellowship app-form-2013-14.doc168 KB
ASEASUK-ECAF fellowship end of visit report form 2013-14.doc131.5 KB
ASEASUK End of Grant Report Form 2012-13.doc60 KB
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