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ASEASUK is Britain's national association for South-East Asian studies. It aims to promote and support the professional and scholarly development of South-East Asian studies in the United Kingdom by facilitating co-operation and co-ordination between individual scholars, institutions and research programmes in South-East Asian studies and the general advancement of its members’ mutual interests.

In particular the Association is concerned with the circulation of professional information amongst scholars with South-East Asian interests, and the projection of South-East Asia as an important field of study within the United Kingdom generally. It was established in 1969 and has grown to include a Membership drawn from more than 40 universities in the country and includes academics, postgraduate students and those involved or interested in South-East Asia.

ASEASUK is managed by an executive committee, and also has a research grants committee, which is responsible for administering research funding. The two committees work within the constitution of ASEASUK more broadly to foster and maintain the vibrancy of South-East Asian studies in the UK. For more information on funding see the grants page.

To facilitate networking, Aseasuk publishes a biennial newsletter and organises annual conferences except for years when the European Association of South-East Asian Studies hosts its meeting, i.e. two out of three years. For information on forthcoming conferences, see the conference home page. A register of members' interests is also maintained on this website.

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