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ASEAS one-day postgraduate seminar, 26 April 2018,  University of York

This seminar is an opportunity for postgraduate students to develop a conference paper and presentation. There will be presentations on a wide range of Southeast Asian topics from people studying at universities across the UK, with mentors and discussants in 4 panel sessions.

Non-presenters are also welcome to attend in order to learn from the discussions and tips in a supportive and welcoming environment (scroll down for attendance details).

Topics and Presenters

  • Transnational Political Spaces: The Making of the Indonesian Female Migrant Labour Movement in Hong Kong (Junko Asano, University of Oxford)
  • Public Transport in Bangkok: The Realities for Disabled People and the Disability Rights Movement (Lauren Avery, University of Leeds)
  • Cambodia and Vietnam's 'Shared Custody' of the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia (Lucrezia Canzutti, University of York)
  • Reflecting the Meanings of Unity-in-Diversity in Schools in Contemporary Indonesia (Tracey Yani Harjatanaya, University of Oxford)
  • Whose Modernism? East meets West c.1938 (Nicola John, University of St Andrews)
  • A Very Burmese Way to Socialism: Ideology and Identity in post-Independence Burma (Thomas Kingston, SOAS, University of London)
  • Land-grabbing and Cambodia's Winning Coalition (Neil Loughlin, SOAS, University of London)
  • Counter-Terrorism Research in Malaysia: Interviewing Counter-Terrorism Actors in a Secretive and Restrictive Milieu (Mukhriz Mat Rus, University of Leeds)
  • Doctors, Cubans and Veterans, and the Politics of Ownership in Post-Independence Timor-Leste (Arie Paksi, University of Bradford)
  • Circumventing censorship: How Vietnamese hip-hop uses the internet as secure authenticating spaces (Cuong Pham, SOAS, University of London)
  • Gender Discourse within the Implementation of Sharia Law in Post-War Aceh, Indonesia (Desy Ayu Pirmasari, Lancaster University)
  • Development of Islamic Intellectual Tradition at the Sultanate of Palembang (c. 1750-1800): The Evidence of Manuscripts (Jessica Rahardjo, University of Oxford)
  • Cross-border Electricity Trade in East Asia: Energy Market Integration & Clean Energy Development within Regional Governance Structures (Clare Richardson-Barlow, University of Leeds)
  • Gender at a funeral: Roles, spaces and time in the Wana funeral, Indonesia (Giorgio Scalici, Durham University)
  • The Role of National Identities and Media in Memory: How Nations Come to Remember the Second World War in Changi Differently (Emily Sharp, University of Leeds)
  • The Competitions of Dominant Elites, Thai Military Regimes and Foreign Policy-Making  (Nattaporn Sittipat, SOAS, University of London)
  • Reflections on a Kingdom: The First Photographs of a Siamese King (Lupt Utama, SOAS, University of London)
  • Power Relations in the Regency of East Lampung: Politics in a majority area of Javanese transmigrants (Arizka Warganegara, University of Leeds)
  • Gender and the Sacred: The Popular Narrative of Mercy Goddess Kuan-yin in the Context of Vietnamese Buddhism (Yunxia Wu, Lancaster University)

Timing: 10 am - 5pm, with an optional early-evening meal at a local restaurant. The sessions take place in a centrally-located area of York, 15 minutes’ walk from the station.

Registration fee for non-presenters is £15 (ASEAS-UK members), £20 (non-members) (includes tea/coffee/light lunch). Please email if you wish to attend and transfer your payment to ASEAS-UK, sortcode 40-25-19, account no. 31215124, or by PayPal to (if using PayPal, please add £1 to cover admin charges).

Venue: The seminar will take place in the beautiful 16th century King’s Manor buildings, in the centre of the historic city of York -

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