Asia’s Next Big Thing is CBD-Infused Beauty Products

CBD-Infused Beauty Products

Asia’s Next Big Thing is CBD-Infused Beauty Products

While the legality of the use of the non-psychoactive Cannabis Oil  (CBD), including cannabidiol-derived products like CBD oil, is still a heated issue all over the world, Asia is looking towards using CBD in the manufacture of skincare products. This venture, which is led by Japan, South Korea, and China, has been projected to value worldwide, at US$25 billion in 2029. CBD-infused beauty and skincare products were a huge hit among Canadian and American beauty product consumers. These two nations were known to have legalized marijuana and cannabis-extracted substances for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.

How CBD Enhances Beauty Products

While CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also known to cure several skin conditions like breakouts and soreness, especially on the eye and lip area. It is also an antibacterial solution and is rich in vitamins that aid in bringing the youthful glow. Infusing CBD in these beauty products helps in enhancing beauty products through all its properties that bring out more beautiful skin after continuous use, as attested by most beauty product consumers in the US and Canada.

Most cannabis-infused beauty products come in either an oil solution or face and eye balms. Unilever, a leading beauty product and pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world, is known to produce Murad’s hemp face serums, and many other beauty companies like Kiehl and Estee Lauder have their own hemp-infused beauty and skincare products. It is also noted that more than 35,000 retailers in the United States have expressed their keen interest in displaying and selling CBD products, especially medicinal and beauty enhancing products.

Marketing Status of CBD-Infused Beauty Products in Asia

So far, Koreans and Japanese have been hyped about these beauty products, if not only for the strict regulations of the manufacture of marijuana-related substances. It is known that, throughout Asia, cannabis is an illegal drug.

While the cannabis industry in the West is set to have hit US$150 billion in recent years, Asia is not seen to join the industry right away. While government regulations prohibit the import, use, and consummation of cannabis-extracted substances as it is currently listed as an illegal drug in their respective countries, Japanese and Koreans are foresighted to become a pioneer in the use of cannabidiol as a beauty enhancer as their culture prefers the Western culture beauty than their own.

The largest country in the world, in terms of population, China is also seen to lead the popular culture influenced by the West. However, as they have made cannabis illegal in 1985, there are no sightings yet as to their import of CBD-infused beauty products, alongside all cannabidiol-infused products. However, the leader of Asian pop culture, South Korea has taken a turn in the legalization of medical marijuana last year, followed by Thailand who is another leader in Asian pop culture.

Is it really Asia’s Next Big Thing?

No one can truly tell whether it is going to set the trends but, being a continent that seems to look towards the West for cultural ideas, Asia is going to follow suit in terms of legalizing medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana, however, will need more ted talk in every country. Nonetheless, the hope of using cannabidiol as a beauty product enhancer will soon become a big hit on the continent, alongside the hype of using cannabis for medical and body enhancement purposes.

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