Do Guns Affect the Health of the Public?

Guns Affect the Health of the Public

Do Guns Affect the Health of the Public?

Aa lack of gun control has affected the American public for a long time. There has been a lot of evidence that has shown that it would be to the public’s benefit to regulate the access of civilians to firearms. You can View details at about this fact.

However, despite the pieces of evidence, little has been done to regulate guns. At the core, the inaction towards gun regulation is due to a difference between our values and our knowledge.

Although the argument about how public health is affected by guns is a compelling one, the society has been unable to truly understand the effect of guns. Ensuring that the public is informed and discussing the effect of guns as well as engaged in transdisciplinary issues is a stretch of the boundaries of the field of public health.

The Approach to Guns: From The Standpoint of Public Health

The role of public health in gun regulation would be to firstly deal with the consequences that guns have.

To do this, we must face these facts:

Many more people in the United States die due to gun violence than car accidents, especially in the last few years that gun violence cases have been increasing in frequency.

Every time one American dies due to a gunshot, 2-3 Americans are injured or disabled due to a gun.

America makes up 4% of the world’s population and owns almost half of the world’s guns.

It is difficult to obtain data on the consequences that guns have on mental health. The evidence available suggests that people who suffer from gun violence are more likely to suffer from disabling mental illnesses in the future.

Despite the limited evidence for the impact of firearms on health, there is enough proof to draw the conclusion that a decrease in gun prevalence would decrease the adverse consequences of gun violence. For example, Connecticut had a law passed in 1995 that made background checks a requirement before obtaining a gun permit. The gun homicide rate dropped by 40% and the gun suicide rate dropped by 15%.

The Gun Culture and Public Health

In theory, the epidemic of gun violence in the US can be easily avoided.

However, although the increasing incidences of mass shootings have galvanized efforts for gun control, the problem still remains despite the best efforts of public health departments.

The reason for the lack of reform towards gun control may be partly due to the huge commercial interests in guns, and people who have millions of cash invested in maintaining a status quo that is profitable and beneficial to them.

Another reason for this is the gun culture – the role guns play in the social lives of Americans, which creates widespread support for the continued easy availability of guns.

Values and Knowledge and Their Relation with Gun Control

A principle that must be dealt with is this: does the public really know the devastating effects that gun prevalence is creating?

The ascertainment of the public’s knowledge can be gotten by debating, writing and iterative research. It can take a long time to complete the data thoroughly.

The values of people can complicate the knowledge they have. It makes people focus on particular choices, and make certain decisions. It is what pushes people to act in times of injustice, and when lives are being affected.

Both values and knowledge are important in public health and in relation to gun control, especially in cases where the scientific information presented may not be in sync with societal values and comfort.


Public health is about improving the health and saving the lives of people.

Gun violence is a threat to the public, and it is vital that its effects are researched, and that the public’s knowledge and values concerning the topic changes into one that is informed and beneficial to all.

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