This award will provide an opportunity for medical students to join us in our endeavors for raising the public health concerns of the Southeast Asian community.

The Foundation invites applicants for 2 medical student bursaries worth £400. Those who wish to apply must submit a 250-word essay on the benefits of the elective and why we want to support your application. This also comes with the application form (downloaded here).  Complete this and provide two copies of the application and two copies of your curriculum vitae (one with your name and institutional affiliation and one without).

Successful applicants are expected to submit evidence of their visit, with copies of their receipts and provide a report of at least 1500 words after 3 months of completion. By then, the applicants will be suitable to partake in the publication process.

The submission deadline is the 1st January of every year of bursary. The decision will be made by February 1st by the Foundation’s Cardiovascular Group and Diabetes Group. This is open to all medical students.

Winners of the Amrit Dhoot Award 2014

  • Ghanshyam Kacha
  • Mr .Ruzky Aliyar