Our Work

Our Work

This organization primarily focuses on bettering the lives of Southeast Asian people by providing advice and updated knowledge on medicine and health care. This is comprised of various working groups with specializations in medicine.


The working group for cancer looks into the inequality of access when it comes to medical interventions in cancer prevention and treatment within the UK’s Southeast Asian community. This also covers various types of cancer and the appropriate response to them.


The working group intends to lobby for improved access to healthcare coverage and updated knowledge on the studies involving cardiovascular health and disease prevention for Southeast Asians. Inequality of treatment is being looked into as the community is shown to be less accommodated compared to the rest of the population.

Child Health

This working group in the foundation is new and has formed a reputation for raising awareness on Southeast Asian child health. Focus is given to increasing life expectancy for the young in the community and how they develop in their formative years. This will aid in improving the quality of life for future generations to come.

Community Engagement

The foundation seeks to be one with the community in all of their endeavors. As such, this recent addition to the working groups sets the standard for best practices in the health education of the UK’s Southeast Asian community. We aim for more collaborations with our partners in different localities so that we can reach out to more Southeast Asians in need of medical advice and attention.


One of our key focus areas is on diabetes and the working group in charge of this has organized a number of events that discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the condition among our Southeast Asian brethren in the United Kingdom. There is a niche group for discussing diabetes in Ramadan and health campaigns promoting improved cardiovascular health.

Mental Health

The working group looks into how Southeast Asians are doing in terms of their mental health. Various responses to depression and anxiety are being taken into consideration, but the ultimate aim of the group is to empower the youth to overcome mental health challenges and impart needed lessons for the community to consider. This includes raising suicide prevention awareness campaigns and hosting retreats for students. There are also training sessions for guidance counselors and mental health professionals to better approach Southeast Asians, especially young people, and empower them to be collaborators for improved mental health in the community.