Our team is made up of capable professionals dedicated to educating people on health care for South Asians.

Kamran Abbasi (Patron)


Kamran works as a doctor and editor for various medical journals. He is currently the editor of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, the oldest medical journal in the United Kingdom, and the JRMS Short Reports, a new online journal. His hobbies include playing cricket and he currently hosts a blog on world cricket, His site landed on the top 100 in internet rankings.

Kiran Patel (Chair of the Board of Trustees)


Mr. Patel works as an Associate Medical Director in the West Midlands with an interest in heart therapy. His research papers include a study on supraventricular tachycardia induced by Infliximab with Mukesh Singh and M M Diwan (2009).

Amitava Banerjee (Trustee)


Mr. Banerjee is a consultant in Cardiology. His interests lie in general cardiology. He also partakes in studies on the role of electronic health records, especially in the delivery of proper patient care and in the global cardiovascular burden. His academic works include “The Health Impact Fund: incentives for improving access to medicines” (2010) with Aidan Hollins and Thomas Pogge in the Lancet (Volume 375, No. 9709). With such an esteemed profile, Banerjee has been integrated as a member of the Board of Trustees in the Foundation since 2014. He is currently active in a number of healthcare organizations, including the Cardiovascular Working Group.

Nina Lall (Trustee)


Nina Lall has taken part in the implementation of the UK’s national Health Check Programme. Her scientific interests Cell Biology, Oncology, and Immunology. She has managed to obtain various opportunities to conduct scientific research and project management at various schools and institutions.